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Epsilon functions in Template Bag have project rights

If you use Epsilon functions in a template bag, it is quite logical that those functions should have project level rights, so we have implemented that now. This way epsilon functions have an API Key available on the event object. Example:

epsilon = async(event) => { let projectAPIKey = event.project.apiKey }

Website in a bag folder support

When setting up a website in a bag, you can now use folders to better organise your web content, so e.g. /css/index.css, /img/photo1.jpg and so on.

Two caveats at this stage:

  • Virtual files currently have to be placed in the root directory;

  • You must currently use absolute paths to refer to assets in a directory.

One exception: virtual files are root only at this stage.

Fully customisable save bag dialog box

Using the Bridge SDK, you can now fully customise the "Save Bag" dialog box. This dialog box, with which you can link an email address to a bag, normally looks like this:

You can now modify it to look e.g. like this (used in an actual project):

Modify the Save Bag dialog box using the saveBag object in the Bridge SDK:

dialogTitle: [title text],
dialogHeading: [heading text],
displayText: [main text copy],
confirmEmail: [true/false],
bagAlias: [name of the bag],
hideBagNameInput: [true/false],
bagName: [name of the bag],
subject: [subject of the mail to be sent],
message: [message of the mail],
showBagReport: [true/false - whether to show a link to the bag report of that specific email address],
language: [language of the mail]

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