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Save bag function

The Bridge SDK now has a function which gives you options to customise the experience of both the Save Bag dialog box and the subsequent email that is sent out.

The Save Bag dialog box has fields for the bag name and the email address, and a text that is displayed providing some information. Using the following parameters you can modify that experience:

  • bagName: prefill the the name of the bag in the bag name field of the Save Bag dialog;

  • hideBagNameInput: hides the bag name field, in case you do not want that your users override the prefilled name you've provided;

  • displayText: Text to display in the Save Bag dialog, with e.g. some explanation.

  • language: sets the language of the bag, in case you have a multilingual bag (so e.g. "en" or "nl");

  • bagAlias: a string you can use to call a bag something else, something that may relate more to your use case. As an example, we have a customer who runs a testing lab for COVID-19 tests and uses bags to anonymously communicate test results, and they call a bag a "test profile". So the header would be "Save this test profile".

Next to that, you can now modify the mail notification that is sent out too:

  • subject: the subject line of the mail;

  • message: the body text of the notification. Currently it is only possible to send a plain text sentence which is shown in the mail, no formatting is available;

  • showBagReport: allows to show or not show the bag report button in the mail footer;

  • bagAlias: in the mail, the bagAlias (which allows to modify the Save Bag dialog header) is also used for the call to action button, so using the example above of the test lab, the mail would have a button stating "Open test profile".

More info on

Bag Report page modifications

The Bag Report page now allows you to turn off email notifications for a specific registered bag, and email preferences to allow you to turn the monthly bag report mail on or off.

Bag notification email modification

The mail footer now has an 'unsubscribe' link which allows the user to turn off notifications for that bag or all bags.

ZAZA Enterprise: expansion of structured data

A project can now use multiple kinds of data tables which we call structured data:

  • Project metadata: metadata relating to the complete project;

  • Project masterdata: actual data tables available to all bags in the project;

  • Bag metadata: as it was before: metadata relating to individual bags;

  • Bag data: actual data tables that can be read or manipulated by individual bags.

The values in the different kinds of data tables can be used in your projects as it was already the case with bag metadata.

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