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Performance improvement for websites in a bag (WIABs)

  • Early determination of bag content: do we need to render a website or not?

  • Lazy loading of different components, media etc.

ZAZA Enterprise bags show identification

When you open bags in a ZAZA Enterprise project, you can now see what kind of bags you are looking at.

Project bags show the company name and the project:

Master and Template bag now look like this:

Epsilon filenames have a new extension

Epsilon filenames must now look like this: <filename.epsilon.js>.

Please note that <filename.epsilon> is not supported anymore, but the old setup will still work unless file is updated. So it’s probably better to rename your epsilon files in any case.

Epsilon files need to have an extension with epsilon in it, because they are only visible in owner bags; they are filtered out when an owner bag is shared.

File upload functionality in websites in a bag

When you create a website in a bag (that’s what we call a website that sits in a bag and opens automatically when you open the bag), you now have the possibility via the Bridge-SDK to show upload progress of a file to the bag. In the lower righthand corner a dialog box is shown:

When the upload is finished, a confirmation notification is shown:

Here's an example of this functionality:

<script src="/sdk/v1/zaza-sdk/zaza.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
<script src="/sdk/v1/bridge/bridge.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
<input type="file" id="input" multiple>
<button onclick="doUpload()">Click me</button>
var input = document.getElementById("input");
// Example of uploading a file to a bag
exampleUpload = async () => {
doUpload = async () => {
// Upload data
await await Bridge.View.upload(input.files)
alert("File(s) uploaded!")
// Run the example

For more SDK examples, please visit

Please note:

  • Upload progress is currently only available in desktop view;

  • When you share a bag with such functionality, please make sure that users can indeed upload files:

Bag context available to Epsilon when triggered from a virtual file

Epsilon scripts have a global function with the following signature:

function epsilon(event) Response

We will provide the Epsilon script access to bag context by providing it in the event object:


Bag (storage) QID


Invoking view QID


Array of the invoking view’s rights.


Project QID

Minor Bug fixes

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