Storing data in files is highly versatile. However, sometimes adding some structure is the way to go.

🤖 This feature is hot of the press! Please let us know how it can be improved.

Bag metadata

The first type of structured data you will likely encounter in ZAZA is the bag metadata. The bag metadata is managed from the bag overview. To start, create a new column by clicking 'New column':

Here you can provide:

  • A name for your column

  • The name of the column in the API. This is automatically pre-filled.

  • The datatype for your column.

When done, you can see the bag metadata in the bag overview:

The ID column is automatically added. This column acts as the primary key for your data.

🤖 We're working on making the id column fully configurable as well.

Clicking on the edit button on the right of a row allows you to edit the metadata for that specific bag.

Saving this gives the following result:

Search, sorting & filtering

🤖 We're working on providing full search, sorting and filtering capabilities to the bag overview.

Data API

Structured data provides you with an API tuned to your data. For example, calling the API for 'My first bag' give the following result:

Note that all attributes starting with a $ are reserved.


The ZAZA SDK has been extended with support for structured data. If applicable, we recommend using this over talking to the API directly.

Schema optional

Using the SDK or API you don't have to stick to the schema you defined for your structured data. The schema is used to correctly display the data in overviews. However, you can freely add additional data under other attributes. The data will be stored and retrieved in follow-up calls.

Schema API

Next to the data API we also have an API to manipulate the schema, including defining your own objects next to the bag metadata. For now, please contact us for details.

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