When talking to ZAZA.rocks users we use tangible concepts to explain how things work. However, when building on ZAZA it's good to know some of the abstract concepts that it's built upon. We will use these concepts throughout the rest of the builder guide.


We often identify things using a random 32 character code. We refer to these types of unique identifiers as QIDs.


Let's start simple. A bag is the container around which we build experiences in ZAZA. It allows you to collect and share digital “content” such as files. A bag is usually tied to a corresponding “context” such as an object, person or happening. The many ways of sharing a bag allow you to tie both of them together. Therefore we say that bags enable “content” in “context”.


A bag has one or more views. A view is a way to look into a bag. Each view is identified by a QID. We refer to this as the view QID. In order to share a view we construct a view link as follows: https://zaza.rocks/<view QID>. Next to the QID a view has a set of rights. Using the view link you can look into a bag with the corresponding rights.

When you create a bag on ZAZA.rocks you automatically create what we call the ‘owner’ view. This is a view that has all the rights to manipulate a bag.

When you share a bag you create new ‘user’ views with limited rights. Currently you can create views with the following rights:

  • List & read: Enables the user to see and open files.

  • Write: Enables the user to upload files but not see existing files (unless he just uploaded them).

  • List, read & write: Allows the user to both upload, see and download files. He is not able to delete files (unless he just uploaded them) and cannot delete the bag.

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