Bags are quite boring without data. Let's see how we can add some.

To get started instantly you can manually upload data to a bag. This may seem obvious. However, it's a great option for many use-cases, especially when volumes are too low to warrant automation. In addition, it's a great way to collect data from your customers. For example, to collect pictures during a insurance claim.

If your solution outgrows manual processes you can introduce automation. The ZAZA SDK enables you to create bags and upload data. This can easily be used to introduce customer interactions into existing RPA or other software solutions.

Finally, we have virtual files. Unlike real files, virtual files don't contain data directly. Instead, they have a definition that determines what its content should be when opened. In this way virtual files allow you to bring data from your internal or cloud systems into a bag.

📣 What data do you want to share? We'd love you hear what you come up with.

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