The template bag allows you to replicate files to all the bags in your project. This allows you to create an update them from a single place. This comes in handy when creating a website-in-a-bag for example.

📣 Let us know what kind of files you would replicate in all your bags.

Find the 'Project bags' card in the project page. The template bag is not created by default. Click 'Create template bag' to create it. Once created, click on the link to open the template bag.

The template bag looks and acts like a normal bag. Just upload the files you want to appear in all bags.

The same file will appear in all bags of the project.

🤖 Note that the files are currently grayed out. We are still refining the behavior of the replicated files. In the mean time these files are already usable to create a website-in-a-bag.

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