Within your ZAZA Enterprise account you can create multiple projects. A project holds all the configuration and settings that make your solution unique. Want to create a digital twin for all your wine bottles? It's a project. Want to track the aging process of your wine barrels? It's another project. Each of these use-cases has specific data and user experience associated with them. By housing them in their own project, things are easy to manage and you have all the tools at your disposal to make each project a success.

Create a project

Navigate to the 'Projects' page and click on the 'Create a new project' card:

Here you can enter the name and description of your project. Next, click 'Save'.

After creating the project it will appear as a new card on the 'Projects' page:

This provides you an overview of all your projects. On the right side of the card you can see how many bags the project contains out of the maximum.

Edit a project

By clicking on a project card in the 'Projects' page you open the settings page. The project page is made up of cards representing different project settings. Each card contains a short explanation. Each setting is also explained in their own help topic on this website.
The 'General' card allows you to freely edit the settings that you entered when the project was created. This includes the name of the project and its description.

Remove a project

Scroll down on the project settings page to the 'Danger zone' card. This card holds all the actions that result in permanent data loss. Here you have the option to remove the project and all associated bags.

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