All of the scenarios below are easily doable with the standard Just go to in any browser on any device. ZAZA = Zero App, Zero Account. So: no downloads, no passwords, no BS. Challenge yourself and check out the scenarios, for fun or business. If you don't see how, ask us on Intercom (round button lower right). Contribute your opinion in increments of just 5 seconds of your time: see bottom paragraph. 

  1. Get a bunch of high quality building plans or renderings from a single QR code on the wall

  2. Collect video comments from 100 product users. Example: tell me what you think of (do this on your phone)

  3. Send a bunch of high-resolution photos over Whatsapp in a single second

  4. Get the digital twin of a paper document from a QR code on that document

  5. Put a single product brochure on your counter, with a QR code in the corner so people can get an instant copy without wasting any paper (tip for tourist attractions)

  6. Set up a whole web of  PDF documents in no time, with clickable links between them.

  7. Assemble a digital case binder via email, text messages and QR codes on letters.

  8. Put your whole AirBnB owner's welcome and info binder behind a QR code in the hall

  9. Take picture of a QR code and decode it later (hint: use Google Lens)

  10. Put all product documentation of an appliance behind a QR code on the product box, or even better: on the appliance itself

  11. Dictate a PowerPoint presentation over the phone

  12. Auto-collect party pictures from everyone at the party using a slide show

  13. Dictate a bunch of big data sets to all participants at a hackathon, for a synchronised start

  14. Put an auto-updating version of a building's electrical schema behind QR code stickers in every room, during the construction

  15. Put a QR code on the back of your phone to get stuff from others

  16. Show an instant QR code on your phone to pass pictures

  17. Put QR code stickers on your product to show documentation and/or get feedback

  18. Put QR code tags on assets to show maintenance reports

  19. Replace warehouse info binders with neat QR code labels

  20. Put QR codes on art work exhibition labels as instant audioguides

  21. Put a QR code label inside of a document binder to add digital files as well

  22. Show a big QR code on the Thank You slide of your presentation, so audience can download deck

Agree, that's 22. Couldn't decide which one to kill. Plus, I'm sure you all will come up with many more scenarios! Here's your chance to tell us which ones you like best! You can contribute in increments of 5 seconds, even offer your own creations for the list. So yes, you can vote as often as you want. It will help us greatly!

PS. For the super-geeks: we have all kinds of nice interfacing, scripting and API stuff, but the docs are still being developed. If you can't wait and have a use case, tell us over intercom and we'll work with you to make it happen.


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