For personal or professional use cases that require more than a lifetime of 6 months, or a capacity larger than 1 Gigabyte, Esoptra has created Pro Edition, which also features extra features such as searching and sorting, with more to come. Pro Edition is payable, with different prices to cover different use cases.

You can start out with a Pro Edition bag right away, or you can use a Free Edition bag first and then upgrade to Pro Edition at any time before its expiration (max. 6 months). features a very streamlined purchasing process that supports all popular payment forms. You can get a simple receipt or a formal VAT invoice if you require one. You can select a bag size - e.g., “Large”, - and pay right away. It’s simple and straightforward. But if you need to do this on regular basis it may more productive to purchase credits and use these when you need to create a new bag, upgrade or refill an existing one or send someone a “cheque” to do so.

Credits can be purchased in several pack sizes. Their value corresponds to euros. When you purchase credits, they accumulate into the bag where you execute the payment and remain there until you transfer them, in part or in whole, to another bag. So, if you want to keep a bag as a kind of wallet, you can perfectly do so.

Moving credits between bags is easy. Two possibilities: “Direct move” or “Cheque”:

  • In a direct move, provide the owner link of the destination bag as well as the amount of credits and press the Send Credits button. You’ll get a confirmation at the bottom of the screen. The credits have now been transferred to the other bag.

  • Using a cheque: enter an (integer) amount of credits and press “Generate Cheque”. You’ll see the cheque code displayed as a long numeric string. Press “Copy Cheque”  to copy the cheque code to your clipboard. You can now paste it into an email, for example, and send it to someone else for cashing in. The only thing the recipient needs to do is to go to Move Credits/Cash Cheque, paste in the cheque code, then press the light blue Cash Cheque button at the bottom.

  • No worries about purchasing excess credits: using cheques you can always the scrape out any leftover credits from an old bag to transfer them to the bag of your choice.

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