"E-mail & document ping-pong." 🏓

Even if you've never heard the term before, you instantly know what it means: endless e-mail threads, countless document versions being sent from 1 person to the next, exploding exponentially depending on the number of people involved 🤯. 

A vast problem for which we built ZAZA.rocks, where each bag creates a lightweight folder-in-the-wild enabling fast and safe multi-person document transfers and updates.

Yet this article is not about our solution. We prefer you to try it instead of reading about it 😉. Let's deepdive a bit on the problem instead. Its magnitude is even larger than we imagined as we were building the product.

When researching the market size of file & content sharing, we came across a highly interesting article: 67 Cloud File & Document Management Statistics You Must Know: 2019 Data Analysis & Market Share. An extensive report presenting the next level of data beyond document management and file-sharing software market share.

Here are the Top 10 Statistics underpinning our mission that the world is truly in need of radically simplified data access and content sharing:

  1. By 2025, the total volume of data produced will increase to 163 zettabytes (equal to 1 trillion gigabytes). Most of these will be made and managed by businesses. (IDC)

  2. The file-sharing market size is projected to reach $9.9 billion by 2023, growing at 24.8% CAGR from 2017 to 2023. (Market Research Future)

  3. 92% of employees review and collaborate on documents via email. (Nitro PDF)

  4. Workers share an average of 6 documents daily. (Nitro PDF)

  5. 83% of today’s workforce waste time due to document versioning issues daily. (Harris Interactive/Perforce)

  6. At 80%, file sharing is by far the most demanded cloud service requested by employees. Communication is #2 at 40%, content sharing is #4 at 27%.

7. Almost 80% of business owners would like the ability to access documents on the go. (Tech Crunchies)
8. Over 50% of businesses oppose the use of personal devices for work-related tasks. (SmallBizTrends)
9. By 2021, cloud data centers will process 94% of overall global business workloads–most of which relate to document processing. (Cisco)
10. 88% of IT executives agree that compliance is the biggest obstacle to increasing cloud adoption in their firms. (Logicworks/Wakefield Research)

The 1-liner "so-what"
Users share an increasing number of documents on a daily basis - many of which outside of the organisation and often on their personal devices - for which they'd like a safe and simple cloud-based solution that their employer is not providing.

Our suggestion? Turn it around: power to the user! 💪
Try ZAZA.rocks. Your employer will grow to love it as well.

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