A couple of weeks ago the 2nd edition of the Logistics Hackathon took place in Antwerp, Belgium. OTM Belgian Shippers' Council and the digital supply chain engineers of Lanark invited 30 diverse teams to 24 hours of intense experimenting across 6 unique logistics challenges provided by established logistics & supply chain organizations.

The event was a big success, with teams coming up with out-of-the-box solutions that the logistics providers can build upon, and a smooth event organization to top it off. Here's the aftermovie to give you a flavor - see you there next year?

Now, facilitating this kind of hackathon is an event in itself. Beyond the practicalities of location, catering, registration you need to ensure that the teams are maximally equipped during the limited time they have to crack the case. That means, reducing admin & overhead to a minimum...

  • ...at the start of the event: Each challenge comes with information and data sets that the teams can use & process. How to easily provide that data to the teams, especially if we're talking large data sets? You really want to go through the hassle of asking for emails, setting up dropbox folders or providing access to ftp servers?  

  • ...during the event: How to set up the ad hoc "data room" allowing team members to easily and continuously exchange processed data? Is freeing up your personal dropbox and inviting the people you just met 5 minutes ago really the best option?

  • ...at the end of the event: How to get 30 teams' deliverables back to the jury & organization in time for pitching?

These questions were top of mind when the hackathon organizers saw us pitching ZAZA.rocks 1 week before the event. They had a hunch it might be the efficiency booster they were looking for. They created a ZAZA.rocks bag themselves to try out the product, and 1 phone call later we were good to go.

A week later, the free edition of ZAZA.rocks was used on multiple occasions throughout the event:

  • Each logistics company uploaded their 1GB+ data set into a fresh bag, projected the corresponding link & QR code on the screen, and all participating teams had the data on their laptops & mobiles within 3 minutes (it would have been 30 seconds if the wireless internet would have cooperated ;-)

  • Teams created (and saved) bags to use as their data room for the 2-day event

  • The organization created an "organization bag" with practical info for all teams, shared it at the end of their introduction presentation through a QR code on the final slide, and all 30 teams used the same bag to upload their final presentation the next day

  • The pitches of all 30 teams were recorded and uploaded into a common bag

  • In the central room, a continuous photo presentation was projected showing pictures taken by any participant of the event. Scanning the QR code on the bottom right corner allowed you to upload your own hackathon picture, and see it 10 seconds after on the big screen. Here's what that looks like!

  • Those pictures were shared with all participants through a large QR code projected at the event's closing gala dinner. 

Organizing an event? Let ZAZA.rocks take 1 worry away. All of the above can be done using the free edition. Interested in additional features or in customizing your own ZAZA.rocks bags? Talk to us or reach us at support@zaza.rocks

Oh - just one more thing. One of the 6 logistics challenges was about integrating the driver in the transport process information flow during road transport. Exactly the type of B2B challenge where ZAZA.rocks can provide value in a matter of days... but that's another story. Stay tuned!

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