Ho ho ho. It's that time of year again. Family and friend get-togethers to celebrate Christmas, the end of the year, the start of the next - which of course will be the best year ever! It's also that time to show off newborns, prepare and showcase the most savoury dishes, and send out Christmas cards with the most original of pictures.

At these get-togethers, you used to have the Designated Picture Taker. The uncle-with-the-superfancy-camera, or the niece-who-recently-followed-a-photography-course. Yet nowadays we all have high-quality camera's in our pockets, so picture taking has become an increasingly decentralized task. 

The result? Plenty of pictures floating around, and at best, the creation of a Whatsapp group afterwards to share them.
Great initiative, yet 3 things that frustrate me time and again:

  1. The total number of pictures taken at the get-together has never been higher, yet in the end, you don't see or receive them, because they're all over the place. You no longer get that curated album from your Designated Picture Taker.

  2. The quality of that awesome picture you received through Whatsapp is way too low: you can't use it for your albums, let alone to create an X-mas card out of it.

  3. Over time, the pictures get lost in your Whatsapp channel, you have no recollection of what picture was sent in which group, and you didn't save them to your photo library. 

How about closing 2019 in style with these problems forever gone?
YOU can become that Designated Picture Taker, without having to assume any responsibility whatsoever. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. At the start of your get-together, take out your mobile phone, go to ZAZA.rocks and create a bag. Make sure you save it - you'll get an email, no worries.

  2. Go to 'Share bag', activate Download and Upload files, paste the link in your whatsapp group, or share the QR code with your friends & family in the room.

  3. Now everyone with the link can add their pictures into the bag, view all pictures uploaded so far, and download the ones they like and want to keep!

  4. The day after, you send out a little reminder on your whatsapp group to thank everyone for their joyous presence and encourage them to save the bag so they don't lose track of the precious memories!

Oh - and if you really want to spice it up:

  • Set up a projector, connect your laptop, open your shared ZAZA.rocks bag, click on 1 of the pictures in the bag, and activate the slideshow and QR icons! People can scan the projected QR code at the bottom right to upload pictures to the bag, which are directly added into the slideshow they're looking at! More on this in a later blog post. 

  • If you're looking to easily save the pictures of a ZAZA.rocks bag to your photo library, check out this article.

Merry Christmas, have a wonderful start to 2020, and happy ZAZA'ing!

--The ZAZA.rocks Team

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