When would you want to attach a QR code to a digital asset? Two 'poster child' use cases:
A. You're giving a presentation, and would like the audience to access that presentation on their mobile phone or tablet instantly, without you having to send them an email first
B. You want to collect pictures at an event from all participants through a large QR code projected/printed on a wall

Just follow these simple steps to get there:

  1. Create a bag and fill it with the content you'd like to share

  2. Click on "Share bag" or the sharing icon. For use case A, activate Download switch. For use case B, activate Upload switch (and potentially Download as well if you'd like your audience to view/download all pictures as well)

  3. Click on "QR code". Right-click on the QR code and choose "Save image as..."

  4. Paste the QR image in the document you want to visualize - and let people scan the QR code. That's it!

Happy ZAZA-ing!

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