When would you want to attach a QR code to a physical asset? Two 'poster child' use cases:
A. You have a set of electrical appliances, each with its own extensive manual, yet you often forget where you've left them.
B. You have a physical document like a deed, which typically comes with a set of attachments. Put a QR sticker on the document and keep all docs easily linked. 

Just follow these simple steps to get there:

  1. Under the menu, click "Print fresh QR codes". You now get a sheet of predefined QR labels, formatted to standard Avery L7120 self-adhesive labels. 

  2. Print out a sheet and attach a QR sticker to your physical asset or document.

  3. Scan the QR with your mobile phone. As you are the first to scan this virgin QR code, you have become its proud owner!  

  4. Save your bag, so you can add/remove files to/from your bag at a later moment.

  5. Locate the file(s) you want to link, and add it to the bag.

  6. That's it! Any next scan of the QR code will return the Download view of the bag. In case only 1 file was added, you will directly see just that file.

Happy ZAZA-ing!

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