Chances are that you do if you recognize one or more of these symptoms:

  1. Feelings of helplessness when mail attachments are too large to send or be reliably delivered

  2. Exhaustion from efforts to reliably collect documents or pictures from several parties

  3. Confusion from mail conversations with a growing set of documents and new versions all the time (signatures, agreements)

  4. Mild panic when dragged into the middle of an email conversation without access to most attachments

  5. Memory lapses when revisiting an old email thread and trying to mentally rebuild the final document set 

  6. Aggravated symptoms when left to your own (mobile) devices out there in the field

  7. Severe irritation caused by slow mail server

  8. Uncontrollable urge to send large document sets by text or WhatsApp messages

  9. Increased heart rate and blood pressure when not finding report and slide deck for your next meeting of ten minutes ago according to your calendar

  10. Dwindling self-respect when taping a USB stick inside of a ring file binder and thinking it’s ridiculous (it is)

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