Having spent most of my working life as a management consultant, allow me to share a small yet frustrating anecdote taken from the everyday life of the powerpoint-building consultant.

  1. I'm preparing a customer presentation together with my team. We're currently at version v37, it's 11pm the day before, and I still need to collect feedback from 3 people, some of whom are external contractors and not part of our Dropbox Business account. How am I going to get them all aligned on 1 version without going into email pingpong overdrive?

  2. It's 2am and 23 emails later - the presentation is finally ready. Nice & slick, even included a couple of cool pictures & video's. I send it out to the full team for final validation as agreed. "I'm sorry, your file exceeds 25MB. Your file cannot be sent." You've got to be kidding me. Reluctantly, I reopen the presentation, and remove 1 of the video's.

  3. 8:30AM the next day - I arrive at the customer after a 25km-in-1h30 trip in Belgian traffic. Great start, luckily I had a good night sleep, hmm. I arrive in the meeting room and start to hook up my computer to the projector. Good, I didn't forget my set of connectors like last time. Then I see the customer's installation. VGA only. Didn't know those things still existed. No other connector in the room. 10 minutes later, after deciphering the guest wifi protocol, I'm able to open my email client to send the presentation to the client to run it from his PC. I've aged a year overnight.

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