Unlike traditional personal cloud storage offerings from DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive and others, ZAZA.rocks does not build its content space around an account for a given user who provides a user name, password and credit card details and subsequently arranges the entirety of her private or professional content - or both! - in a tree structure of folders and files. While this approach has proven extremely useful and popular, we believe there are many more situations where it may be counterproductive and even poison the use case so to speak.

At ZAZA.rocks we believe that many sharing use cases are really content-centric, more about "what is in the bag" than “whose bag is this?”. When you collect and share pictures at a party, you don’t necessarily want to take implicit responsibility. Or when many contribute to information and plans on how to build a tree hut, why should a single person pay for continued access when it becomes hugely successful? Would it not be better to allow interested readers to contribute a small payment in order to keep the info alive and downloadable if they want?

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