Just like ZAZA.rocks, WeTransfer does not require an account to transfer some files from point A to point B, within a week’s time. And if that is the only thing you want to do, WeTransfer will do absolutely fine. However, if you want to do any of the following, you’ll need ZAZA.rocks:

  • Have people browse through files, swipe and preview them in high quality, download selected files only. Specific support for viewing and downloading full-res photos and for streaming videos.

  • Add to or curate the shared content collection over time, using the same link

  • Have many parties contribute to the shared collection, possibly many in parallel

  • Rather than just 1 week, keep files for 3 months, even 6 if you register your bag to your email address. Much longer still if anyone decides to fund the bag at any time - for a one time fee that is a fraction of the monthly cost for WeTransfer Plus

  • Selectively share upload, download or full control rights to the bag

  • Use separate, independent links or QR codes to do so

  • Conveniently share bags between mobiles for upload or download in seconds with a single QR code scan - a single picture takes just a few clicks

  • Share bags between any devices by dictating a 20-second short code

  • Print a page of virgin QR code labels, then stick them on documents or objects and attach a ZAZA bag of digital content to them, ready to be scanned using any mobile device

  • Use the powerful ZAZA.rocks bag concept as a low-threshold integration point for bidirectional customer or stakeholder workflow applications

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