was built for ultra-low-friction content sharing. We constantly upgrade our product to deliver on this promise. 

Once you've configured your sharing mode, each bag can be shared through 5 different channels:

  1. Link: the channel by default. Clicking "Copy link to clipboard" allows you to embed the link in the communication channel of your choice (e.g. email, Whatsapp, document, internal system...)

  2. QR code: scan the code with your smartphone and get immediate access to the bag. Tip: right-click and choosing "Save Image As..." allows you to embed the QR code in a document for example.

  3. 20-second code: 6-digit short code that is regenerated every 20 seconds. Allows you to pass on the bag to another device in the room with greater ease, or through the phone, for example. Be careful: don't confuse it with the 'Link' option, as it will expire after 20 seconds!

  4. Social: allows to directly post your bag onto Twitter. Facebook and LinkedIn will be implemented shortly.

  5. Email: directly links with your email client and creates a short template email with the bag embedded. You can modify subject and body of the email.

If you see new ways that would make sharing even easier, we'd love to talk to you!

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