was built for ultra-low-friction content sharing. We constantly upgrade our product to deliver on this promise. 

Each bag comes with 4 sharing modes. You can explore these options by clicking on the "Share bag" icon/button within a bag. If you are the owner of a bag, you will see 3 sliders (Download - Upload - Full Control) allowing 4 following modes: 

  1. Download: default mode. Receivers of this bag will only be able to view & download content. 

  2. Upload: receivers will get a blank page asking them to upload content. Receivers cannot view/download the content of the bag.

  3. Download+Upload: combines 1 and 2 above. Receivers cannot delete any content.

  4. Full control: same access rights as the owner of the bag: download, upload, delete 

Note that if you are not the owner of the bag, your rights will be limited to the rights as defined by the owner of the bag. Meaning: you can only share access rights to the extent that you yourself have those rights. If you are the receiver of a download link, you can only share that download link with others. Same goes for upload, or for down- and upload. 

The 4 modes are fully independent from one another. It is impossible to derive the owner link from a download link, for example. This is very much intentional in how we built the product, as it allows for more flexibility in use cases.

If you see new ways that would make sharing even easier, we'd love to talk to you!

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