As is intended to work without an account, this means that unless you save your bag somewhere, it has no way of knowing it is yours!
For certain use cases, like sharing a file in an adhoc way, there is no need to keep the bag. You want to dispose of it straight after sharing.
Yet for other use cases, keeping your bag for later re-use is critical! 

There are two simple ways to save your bag:

  1. Under the 'hamburger menu' on the left, select "Register bag": provide your email address and optionally a subject for the bag, and you will receive an email with your bag information. Every month, you get an overview of your registered bags. So you’ll always be able to find back your bags in your email. Cherry on the cake: registering your bag ensures your bag lives for 6 months instead of 3!

  2. Simply copy-paste or bookmark the URL (i.e. the link) in your browser to a place where you won't forget it.

Note that it is possible to save any bag (download, upload or owner), yet it is especially important when you are the owner, as no one else will have done it for you! 

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