offers simple digital paper bags for your content!

ZAZA stands for Zero App, Zero Account. It wants to be the very lowest friction path to keep and share digital content items between smartphones, tablets and desktops of any kind. Its underpinnings are rock solid and provide industrial strength services.

You can share between devices by sending or embedding a link to a bag anywhere: in a text message, Whatsapp, Office document, tweet, whatever! You can also have its QR code scanned, or you can key in the short 20 second code on another machine.

Last but not least, you can print out fresh QR codes on standard Avery L7120 self-adhesive labels. Stick a label on your fancy espresso maker, scan it with your phone and upload the user manual in PDF. Done. Next time you scan, you’ll instantly open the user manual on your phone! Stick QR codes anywhere you want to attach digital content: machines, cars, walls, doors, documents, binders etc.

For more information, check the videos on the landing page!

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